With over 10 years of video editing experience, I know what it takes to bring your vision to life. 



My first eight and a half years out of college were spent working in a Chicago health care system. The media services department consisted of two people (my boss and myself) and one loyal freelancer. Between the three of us, we created hundreds of videos from pre-production through posting our finished projects online - or creating DVD's, if you remember those. From script writing to equipment set up, from audio levels to proper lighting, from green screens to motion graphics, I've had my hands in everything.

I'm currently a freelancer living in Grand Rapids, MI. While I can edit your video no matter where you're located, I'm willing and able to work in your film crew if you need the help and live moderately close by - including in Chicago, a city I find myself visiting frequently. I'm also open to part time and full time positions and willing to relocate for a job that feels like the right fit.



  • fundraising events
  • employee recognition events
  • interviews: clients, patients, customers
  • photo/video slideshows
  • promotional work
  • educational videos
  • corporate events
  • team building/just for fun...

currently very interested in:

  • kinetic typography
  • documentary work

Need an informative & stylish PowerPoint or Keynote for your next event? I can help!